We are FINALLY getting back to it Y'all!!!! When the Pandemic hit at the start of 2020 we were scheduled to play over 50 concerts within the Illinois Department of Corrections State Prison system. Leading up to that we had done countless Prison concerts over the previous 5 years. The IDOC is still not doing events so we needed to find new fields to plant seed. During the pandemic we released a full length documentary movie about our band and the Prison Ministry. Long story short, it garnered the attention of The Nashville TN. based Men of Valor Prison Ministry. They picked up the film and aired it on Prison TV networks throughout the Southern half of The United States. We have steadily been working towards putting together Live concert events within the Prisons in these regions. So NOW we begin this New chapter! We are excited. I mean, EXCITED to set out on our first journey back to Nashville. I say back because my professional music journey as a young 18/19 year old began in Nashville as a recording artist with a record company where I charted several records in Billboard. In fact, it is one of those persons that worked with me waaaay back then that took it upon herself to bring me to the attention of John (JR) Davis with the Men of Valor Ministry. So all these years later, I am, we are, headed back to the only other place that felt like home. Thank YOU Barbara Brown for always standing in my corner! Get ready Y'all! The good NEWS of Jesus is coming with 50,000 Watts of Rockn' Thunder!!!! See you soon. This first trip will consist of 4 concerts over 2 days. This facility has a population of 2,500 inmates. Keep us in Prayer! Concert’s 1 & 2 (8-4-22). Concert’s 3 & 4 (8-5-22).