This song is titled, "Loss". It will be included on the NEW upcoming 2024 album, "REV60"
The song is written by Todd Anthony Joos. It is published by Sound Cellar Music BMI.

Todd Anthony Joos - all vocals, all guitars, bass, piano, and wurlitzer piano.
James Jones - Drums


As the light fades from your eyes the pain goes away.
No more tomorrows no matter how hard we pray.
And I try to let you go.
But I want you to stay.

The fight was hard
each and every day
There are just no words
to take it all away
The pain and the sorrow
time will never fade
No more tomorrows
no matter how hard we pray
And I want you to stay

It's just not fair
Trying to hold on
Feel you anywhere
No matter how hard I pray
No you just can't stay

Oh but fly away
I'll see you again
Someday, someday, someday.....