This track will be part of the NEW album to be released in 2024 - "REV60". The song is written by Todd Anthony Joos and is published by Sound Cellar Music BMI.
This track features - Todd Anthony Joos on all Vocals, Guitars, and Bass.
James Jones on Drums


When you talk too much
Pride comes before the fall
Why don't you look it up
Hey, it's the truth for all y'all

I'm sick and I'm tired
I'm just about through with it
I'm sick and I'm tired
Of trudging through this, Hey! Oh!
I'm sick and I'm tired
and I'm just about ready to fly
I'm sick and I'm tired
No more tears to cry

With my fist balled up
I was just about ready to fight
Kept me all tied up
No room left for the light....