1. Baggage

This tune is called "BAGGAGE"
It will be included on the New 2022 Box Set release Project for Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators.
This track features:
Todd Anthony Joos on Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Hammond Organ.
James Jones on Drums.
AJ Hauser on Guitar.


Work my fingers to the bone
Gave it all I had to give
Kicked me right out my home
Left me with no place to live

It's cold out on the streets at night
My ears still bleed from this fight
Your upper hand, your advantage
And me
Still tripping on baggage

Got it all packed up tight
Like a dog without a home
No it just ain't right


If I walk a million miles
Walk right out these shoes
I hope it stops all these lies
Wash away all my blues