1. GROW

This is a song called "GROW". It will be included on the upcoming 2022 Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators Box Set Release. This song features:
Todd Anthony Joos on Vocals, Guitar, Piano and Hammond Organ
AJ Hauser on Guitar
James Jones on Drums
Eric Poe on Bass


It was long ago that you told me so
Ya know I heard it through the grapevine
If I let it flow then you'll surely know
Come on and save me in the nick of time

Falling through the cracks of time
Turning water into wine
Sometimes you have to let it go
Find the word that need to rhyme
Guilty of this wicked crime
Change my heart so I can grow

I've wasted all these years
Cried a river of tears
Ya know I heard it through the grapevine
If I'd let it go love would surely flow
Warm me up like the bright sunshine

(Chorus) Then repeat Verse 1... Then Outro:

Change my heart
I'm a wicked man
Take me now I'm ready
Plant the seed
And let me grow