1. Broken Soldier

This song is called Broken Soldier. It will be included on the upcoming 2022 Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators Box Set collection release. This song features:
Todd Anthony Joos - Vocals, Guitars, Strings
AJ Hauser - Guitar
James Jones - Drums
Eric Poe - Bass
James Miller - Wurlitzer Piano


In the cold of the Winters chill
It all slows down, time seems to stand still
I thought I'd find myself in the Summers sun
But here I am, I'm the only one

I've always tried to be a light into the darkness
I fall so short of the grace He gives me
How can His love run so deep
When I am so wicked
So so blind but He makes me see

People come, and friends they go
My heart is broke, and still I know
The life I live does not belong to me
A price was paid
So that I am free.


I'm so wicked
I am lost
Still so blind
But I'm free