1. Toxic

From the recording THE BURDEN

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"TOXIC" is the first track on the NEW Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators album titled "THE BURDEN" This is the bands 5th album and it will be released Spring 2017. Visit Todd and The Revelators at WWW.REVELATORSROCK.COM for upcoming news and info about the album and live concert dates. **PLEASE NOTE THE LYRICS BELOW**

"1st verse:
I read the letter that you wrote today
I didn't like a single word that you had to say
You started off telling me these things
and none of them were about you
It's funny how that works
it's funny how it seems
That you never accept you've broke your own dreams
And still I sit here and take it all in
Your letters just a knife and you've killed me again

And I am not toxic
and you do not define me
And I am not toxic
I love unconditionally

2nd verse:
Oh...............yeah.............this pain, oh this pain
It rips me up. It spits me out
I roll around. It just knocks me out
And just when I think I got my feet on the ground
You send me these words and I begin to drown.

Back to Chorus. Then bridge....

**then a variation of the first verse with end tags**"