1. Lifted

From the recording THE BURDEN

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Lifted is the "Bonus" and final track on the NEW Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators album titled "THE BURDEN" This is the bands 5th album and it will be released Spring 2017. Visit Todd and The Revelators at WWW.REVELATORSROCK.COM for upcoming news and info about the album and live concert dates. **PLEASE NOTE THE LYRICS BELOW**

"I walk through this life, sometimes I walk alone
the pain and the strife, it grinds me to the bone
every last little thing I try, it all turns to dirt
and I'm tired of your holy man telling me what I'm worth

I won't cry a tear as I carry my burden
I already know I'm not worth a dime or your time
I am guilty of the crimes I have committed
I've been tried I've been tried I've been tried and convicted
and soon the burdens of this world they'll all be lifted

Oh I am lifted
lifted higher and higher and higher
oh I am lifted
aint no wall
aint no fence
aint nothing gonna hold me down
I am lifted

**back to chorus**"